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Products with personality. That’s the common denominator of the niche-portfolio LXS has been building for the last 15 years. All our perfumes and skincare combine quality, charisma and subtlety.

Equally important is the story and the legacy of our brands. One example is Juliette has a gun, premium brand by Romano Ricci, great grandson of the legendary Nina Ricci. Or Amouage, AAA-brand, by which the late sultan Qaboos Bin Said of Oman, reminded the Parisian perfume scene that the olfactive art was really born in the far East. In the same way all other LXS-brands carry a DNA of passion and storytelling of their creators.

To ensure that we can bring the best the market offers to the Benelux, the last 30 years LXS has been building an international network of specialists. Thus we can guarantee the best possible perfume and skincare products to our clients.

LXS-brands are available in over a 100 points of sales throughout Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands. This one thing our partners have in common: they do not only offer the best products, they spoil their clients with customized advice and expertise. One of many reasons why the LXS-brands flourish, even in strange times like these.

On the bright side
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Our greeting cards. So firm, so fine.

Luxury Cosmetics (formerly known as Via K&Co) , is a firm team, as you can see: informal, coquettish and a little bit foolish. Since the end of 2011, LXS poses for their yearly wish card. The result is always a funny, rebellious or glamorous picture with a story about our mission. Making every day more beautiful than the day before!

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Let's make 2019 swing!

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No matter rain, we go for a unique 2017 ... With you!

Welded Bliss 2016 – We’d like to steal a moment to say thanks and Happy New Year

Welcome aboard for 2015

Join us on the bright side of the road in 2014

We wish you a rock’n’rolling 2013

We wish you a happy 2012


24/7 ready to make you shine! 

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💚Simply a Masterpiece 💚

Cécile Zarokian's Epic Woman, released in 2009 is an iconic spicy ambery fragrance inspired by the legends of the Silk Road. With the highly concentrated Epic 56 Woman Extrait, Cécile displays her talent for striking the difficult yet marvelous balance of extremes at a high dosage. This fragrance has a concentrate of 56% and took almost five months of aging before release! 

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Initio's High Frequency is a combination of Magnolia and Almond, overtly so innocent yet truly sexy. This fragrance takes you by surprise. Its effect is like a sound wave that starts off gently and then powers up the decibels on the skin. An overdose of hedione detonates the final explosion.

#xmasideas2021 #xmasideas #advent #adventcalendars #LuxuryPerfume #lxs #nicheperfumery #frenchperfume #luxurycosmetics #justasprayway #genderfree #initio #highfrequency
So much fun launching this fragrance this year! 
Goldfield & Banks' "Silky Woods" was an instant hit for many with its warm ambery and spicy notes. 

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Lucas Sieuzac Reflection Man (released in 2007) captures the seductive power of a man's inner strength, expressing confident and enhanced sophistication. 
With his latest creation for Amouage "Reflection 45" he presents an elaborate scent woven through with freshness and floralcy. This woody floral musk scent has aged for four months! 
The composition juxtaposes bright aromatic notes, velvety orris and creamy floral notes with more sensual and enveloping layers of vetiver, patchouli and sandalwood, combined with the spices. 
A luxurious modern classic.

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