Our Mission

Almost a decade Via K&co drives a beautiful course with niche luxury brands. On a shiny way paved with growing successes.

We succeeded in positioning a broad range of excellent products in the cosmetic market. A place in the market respecting the image and history of each brand.

We are extremely proud we can add a great-sounding name as Pozzo di Borgo to our palette. Pozzo di Borgo with its aristocratic history has its roots on the island of Corsica.

All our brands are the expression of remarkable people, with their own history or story. Via K&co loves brands with a captivating story.

Brands which radiate beauty and confidence, and go for the bright side of life. Brands with a crown. The crown of Via K&co.

On the bright side
of the road

Our greeting cards. So firm, so fine.

Via K&co is a firm team, as you can see: informal, coquettish and a little bit foolish. Since the end of 2011, Via K&co poses for their yearly wish card. The result is always a funny, rebellious or glamorous picture -the choice is yours- with a twinkle of an eye.

24/7 fighting to touch your sweet spot

Let's make 2019 swing!

Ceci n’est pas 2018

No matter rain, we go for a unique 2017 ... With you!

Welded Bliss 2016 – We’d like to steal a moment to say thanks and Happy New Year

Welcome aboard for 2015

Join us on the bright side of the road in 2014

We wish you a rock’n’rolling 2013

We wish you a happy 2012


Impactful and intense! Layton by Parfums de Marly  is enhanced by the natural elegance of pink pepper 

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Percival by Parfums de Marly - A fresh fragrance but one with a strong character, Percival plays on aromatic notes through the bergamot and mandarin scents

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Sedley by Parfums de Marly -  A fresh fragrance,  structured around aquatic and woody notes giving it a strong and powerful character with elegance #lxs #luxurycosmetics #nicheperfume #luxuryperfume
Sunday = ME TIME 💛
The Essential Nail Serum transforms weak nails into strong, long and beautiful nails!

Do your nails become damaged quickly after you have painted them? Then opt for the KOH DRY DROPS to achieve dry nails in just one minute!

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Wipe It Away! Clean nails are always happy nails 

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