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An intensely hydrating mask with a fresh, subtle and masterfully crafted fragrance that works in perfect harmony with Victor Toro #HYDRA Shampoo, as a true complete anti-aging treatment. Its luxuriously rich formula rebalances the scalp’s microbiota, soothes scalp irritations, and protects against future damage by greatly improving scalp health. Inspired by the 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine on molecular mechanisms of cell resynchronization. Stress from the intense rhythms of everyday life, cell phones, computers, work and travel destabilizes these 24-hour circadian rhythms and this product re-synchronizes the cells of the hair and scalp. With a luxurious creamy texture, the restorative natural active ingredients repair the natural lipid barrier of the hair and scalp, closing and smoothing the surface of the fiber structures, preventing further damage.

This indulgent mask increases the vitality of the hair, providing instant shine and softness. It also has a film-forming effect that protects hair from harmful environmental pollution. Hair is more youthful, shiny, silky smooth, straight and extremely hydrated, being much healthier and easier to manage, while slowing down the aging process. All hair types, especially dry, damaged, dull hair and / or those with sensitive scalps.

Apply the rich creamy formula to clean, damp hair and scalp, and massage gently. Leave to act for approx. 5 to 10 minutes (the longer the better the results). Rinse well with clean warm water.

For a greater effect of this product, we recommend that after applying the mask you wrap the hair in a warm towel or hair turban, to improve the penetration of the product and its overall effect. The longer you can leave the hair wrapped, the better the overall effect of the mask will be.

Active Ingredients: B-Cicardin, Rambutan, Fruit Acid Extract, Beet Extract, Polymer 2000, Red Algae, Glacial Water.


Victor Toro

VICTOR TORO, a Spanish brand of luxury hair treatments of natural origin and high performance, being the perfect combination between nature and technology.

Gender-neutral hair brand with safe products for all hair types with botanical active ingredients suitable for vegans, making it an inclusive brand.

A complex, yet harmonious, combination of nature, technology, performance and craftsmanship with decades of hairdressing experience.

A luxury natural haircare brand with exceptional results in performance and wellbeing.

A product range that covers all hair concerns whilst fighting the
ageing process.

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