KOH Natural, Glossy Nail Buffer Set

KOH Natural, Glossy Nail Buffer Set


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In just one minute, achieve glossy nails without the use of any nail polish!


Step 1: Equalize
Place the file on the nail plate and softly file both sides until the nail is smooth and even. Frequency of use: 1x per month.

Step 2: Clean
Place the file on the nail plate and file in a circular motion over the entire nail, until the filings are gone. Frequency of use: 1x per month.

Step 3: Beautify
Buff the file over the entire nail until it starts to shine. Frequency of use: 1x per week or as often as required.


The KOH NATURAL GLOSSY NAIL BUFFER SET is not suitable for very thin nails and can be used at most 1x per week.

By applying the KOH CALCIUM NAIL WHITENER after use, you can create a real ‘wow factor’! A French Manicure becomes more possible using just these two products.



‘True beauty is complete harmony between YOUR body and soul”, the vision of
KOH. KOH is a top-notch hand and nail care brand, which is inspired by the
richness of de Japanese way of living and rituals. The brand is all about feeling
beautiful. Positivity, health and charisma are the keys to enrichment of the
mind. The products came to be by close collaboration with Japanese
specialists, meaning that Oriental philosophy and Western technology go hand
in hand. Quality, depth effect, soft textures and lovely smells are the main
point of focus. KOH has a full-scale manicure range for both women and men
with over 100 shades of nail colours. KOH also has a range of body products
that fits every skin type, even the most sensitive.

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“Standing on stage across from Overture Man, Overture Woman is a timeless performance of elegance and grandeur immortalised in scent. Just a spritz or two evokes an essence of self-assured beauty and glamour that treats even the simplest of occasions with the fanfare of an evening at the opera.”

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Created by master perfumer Annick Menardo, the heady fragrance is a symphony of some of the world’s rarest and most sought-after ingredients, evoking the intense emotion of a captivating opera performance. To be in the presence of Overture Woman is to bear witness to the extraordinary.

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An enthralling creation from one of the world’s finest fragrance houses, Amouage has announced the release of Overture Woman, now available across retailers worldwide. Overture Woman is an homage to the modern woman – bold, cultured, and full of mystique, telling the story of that once in a lifetime moment when nothing else matters.

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A revitalising perfume of spicy ginger, soft tropical florals, and cascading amber notes, Goldfields & Banks presents an olfactory interpretation of faraway mystique and natural abundance with Ingenious Ginger.

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An olfactory imagining of the unscented torch ginger lily flower, Ingenious Ginger is an abstract citrusy, floral, and ambery perfume that expresses Dimitri Weber’s most beloved tropical flower, which grows in abundance at his holiday home in the wet tropics. 
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New one✨

“An uplifting perfume that cascades on your skin.”

Transportive and Seductive, Ingenious Ginger offers an instant sense of nature in a blissful and sultrydestination.  An uplifting perfume of sun-kissed mandarin, spicy ginger, elegant white florals, and warm,enveloping amber that cascades on your skin.

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