AMOUAGE Iconic Man Coffret: Interlude Man, Jubilation XXV, Honour Man

AMOUAGE Iconic Man Coffret: Interlude Man, Jubilation XXV, Honour Man

Par Amouage

Catégories: Coffret Cadeau, Set, Spray De Voyage


Le coffret Iconic est le compagnon idéal du voyageur connaisseur. Chaque coffret contient 3 vaporisateurs de voyage colorés de 10 ml avec Interlude Man, Jubilation XXV et Honour Man

Taille : 3x10ml parfums signature.


Alcohol Denat• Parfum• Limonene• Linalool• Cinnamyl Alcohol• Coumarin• Eugenol• Benzyl Alcohol• Citral• Citronellol• Anise Alcohol• Farnesol• Geraniol• Benzyl Benzoate• Benzyl Salicylate• Isoeugenol• Cinnamal.

Alcohol Denat• Parfum• Aqua• Benzyl Benzoate• Limonene• Linalool• Eugenol• Cinnamal• Geraniol• Isoeugenol.

Alcohol Denat• Parfum• Aqua• Limonene• Benzyl Salicylate• Benzyl Benzoate• Coumarin• Linalool• Citronellol• Geraniol• Citral• Benzyl Alcohol• Eugenol• Isoeugenol.

À propos


Amouage est une idée originale de Qaboos Bin Said, le sultan d’Oman. Il a donné l’ordre en 1983 de lancer une marque de parfum qui capture, protège et préserve les traditions séculaires de parfumerie d’Oman. Amouage signifie “vague” en arabe. Le nom a également été choisi en raison de son étrange ressemblance avec le mot français pour l’amour, “Amour”. Le flamboyant Christopher Chong, ancien chanteur d’opéra, est le directeur de la création d’Amouage. Le design et les parfums sont basés sur la culture des États du Golfe. Le raffinement et l’exclusivité sont des priorités absolues pour cette marque. En outre, c’est l’une des marques de parfum les plus chères au monde. Amouage a également produit une gamme de produits pour le bain, des bougies parfumées, des sprays d’ambiance et une collection de vêtements en cuir qui sont fabriqués (manuellement) à Florence.

Produits Associés


Gold Woman was Sultan Qaboos' gift to queens and princesses around the world.
Upon a heart brimming with precious resins, Florentine Iris and bittersweet Myrrh resplends the original Amouade, a canonical triad of Rockrose, Frankincense and Ambergris.
Its dazzling radiance, speckled with luminous notes of Lily of the Valley and the delicate floralcy of a rare Jasmine from Grasse, iridesces over the unctuous animality of Civet and Musk until it suddenly disappears, eclipsed by a chypré base of Oakmoss and Patchouli.
A fastuous creation, ethereal yet dense in substance, it is the epitome of immoderate luxury in the classical Omani tradition.

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Gold Man was Sultan Qaboos' gift to kings and princes around the world.
 The spectacular light of the Lily of the Valley crowns the powdery shades of the Omani Rockrose and shines with the formidable and minty clarity of the Royal Hojari Frankincense.
Myrrh, delirious with warmth, and a pearlescent and indolic white Jasmine stand on an Iris from which emanates a rich, terribly luxurious scent of metallic Irones, violet Ionones and waxy, buttery notes of Cocoa butter.

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Heir to a dynasty of renowned perfumers, Guy Robert is one of the greatest talents of the 20th century. The creator of such masterpieces as “Madame Rochas” or “Calèche”, he was chosen by HM Sultan Qaboos to create the most expensive perfume in the world, commencing the Amouage journey in 1984.
One of his greatest creations are the flowery Amouage Gold perfumes, with subtle differences for man and woman. ☀️

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Last but not least! "Dark and Stormy" is the latest new scented candle of Maison Matine! ⛈

Let the comforting notes of Dark and Stormy envelop you. Vanilla and jasmine combine to create an enchanting and soothing atmosphere. It's the lull after the storm, the moment when everything stops and calm settles in.

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Another new scented candle of Maison Matine - "A Contre-Courant"

À Contre-Courant is the meeting of the tiare flower and the coconut, which takes you miles away from here. For a moment, enjoy the sun, feel the warmth that envelops you and reassures you. Let yourself be carried away and enjoy this moment of well-being on the warm sand. 🥥🏖

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New scented candle "Onde Urbaine"! 🌸🕯

The warm and spicy notes of Onde Urbaine take you on a journey across the world. Experience travel, exchange and multiculturality. The notes of tea and orange blossom perfume the space and are symbols of conviviality and warmth.

 #maisonmatine #ondeurbaine #scentedcandles #LuxuryPerfume #lxs #frenchperfume #nicheperfumery #luxurycosmetics #justasprayway

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