Amouage is the brainchild of Qaboos Bin Said, the Sultan of Oman. He gave the order to launch a perfume brand which captures, protects and preserves the centuries-old perfume traditions of Oman. Amouage means ‘wave’ in Arabic. The name was also chosen because of its uncanny resemblance to the French word for love, ‘Amour’. The flamboyant Christopher Wong, a former opera singer, is the Creative Director of Amouage. Both design and fragrances are based upon the culture of the Gulf States. Refinement and exclusiveness are top-notch priority for this brand. Furthermore, it is one of the most expensive perfume brands in the world. Amouage has also produced a gamma of bath products, scented candles, room sprays, and a collection of leatherwear which are (manually) made in Florence.

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Amouage's Rose Incense, by perfumer Bruno Jovanovic,  is an olfactive interpretation of Citizen Kane and the dramatic web of human emotions within the film. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, it is a manifestation of feelings of imperfection, loss, power, mastery and wealth balanced into a sophisticated and sensual scent.

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The fragrance opens with fresh spicy notes of elemi and incense oil. A Black Ink accord surfaces quickly, announcing the love story between incense and rose. 💖

Next, a bright multifaceted yet long-lasting damascene rose follows  with the frankincense as a beautiful duo of contrasts.

The fragrances concludes its dance with a rich sillage imprint on the skin, with warm balmy facets of myrrh resinoid, and woody sensual notes of cedarwood, sandalwood and vanilla.

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Amouage Rose Incense was originally created in 2019 and initially solely sold at Selfridges and afterwards at Amouage boutiques as well. 
It will now become available in Belgium and Luxemburg as well! 

This fragrance, created by  Bruno Jovanovic is about rose and incense, red and black, fragility and power.

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Based on mild & natural ingredients this detergent will refresh & eliminate odours from your sportswear. 
Can be used in hand wash as well as in machine-wash. 🧼 🧽
BAST, created in 2015, uses plant based active ingredients to prepare your body before sport and calm down your body after sport. 
What about your sports gear? It needs care as well! 

Absorbes and eliminates bad odeur. Works well for leather and synthetics in gloves, but can be used for all kinds of shoes and other sporting gear as well.
Spray it generously in your boxing gloves, ski gloves, ... or shoes. 
Let is dry throughly. 
Use repeatedly until the odour is gone (normally 3-5 times depending on the bad smell 😊). Use afer each use afterwards. 

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BAST - Body Care for Athletes! 
This French-Swedish brand is designed to enhance physical performance! It prevents injury, relieves muscular pains, irritations, ... all based on natural ingredients. 

👟 Pre Action Creme: A fast and deep penetrating lotion with active ingredients stimulating blood circulation. It has a warming effect for muscles and therefore lowering the risk of injuries while doing sports! 

👟 Post Action Creme - a cooling and calming lotion to relax muscles after playing sports! 

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