By Brécourt

Notes: Benzoin, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Cinnamon, Date, Honey, Labdanum, Leather, Musk, Patchouli, Styrax, Tonka Bean

Categories: Eau de Parfum, Ladies



My love for Eastern culture inspired me to create a burning fragrance, where instinct meets sophistication. Farah is the forbidden seductress. I wanted it to be the accessory of a woman who is not afraid to unleash the eroticism that slumbers within her.


Patchouli from Indonesia is confirmed by a note that is rarely used in the composition of feminine fragrances: Ceylon Cinnamon. The accord of date, a blend of balsams (Benjoin Siam, Ciste-labdanum), and tonka bean for addiction, enhances femininity, leading to that distant place that fascinates the male collective unconscious.

Also available in a beautiful SET with extra:


  • 1 bottle Farah 50 ml eau de parfum
  • 1 spray Farah 5 ml Absolu 25% (perfume)
  • 1 spray Farah 5 ml Cologne 10% (perfume)
  • 1 Roll on 7 ml Erotic Molécule
  • 1 Roll on 7 ml Honey Tobacco


  • 1 bottle Farah 100 ml eau de parfum
  • 1 spray Farah 5 ml Absolu 25% (in French)
  • 1 spray Farah 5 ml Cologne 10% (in French)
  • 1 Roll on 7 ml Erotic Molécule
  • 1 Roll on 7 ml Honey Tobacco







Not many perfume brands have a broader and deeper DNA than Brécourt. Emilie Bouge creates a complete gamma of signature scents, with each fragrance having their own cosmos. Man or woman, it doesn’t matter, Emilie lets you explore the scents which fit your personality best. The brand has two ranges: les contextuels, which focuses on the summoning of emotions, and claim their own emotional biotope. Going from Mauvais Garçon to L’Amoureuse, this range has a perfume for every single one of us. Les éphèmeres are made from superior resources which are used exclusively by Brécourt. One of their most famous perfumes is Rosa Gallica. Other perfumes in this range are Poivre Bengale and Oud Santal. Brécourt stands for passion! Passion for the rare, the exclusive, and the infinite search for expression and emotions.

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