Discovery Kit 7 + 1 incl Vanilla Vibes

Discovery Kit 7 + 1 incl Vanilla Vibes

By Juliette Has a Gun

Categories: Gender-Free, Gift Set



Discover the 8 Juliette has a gun best-sellers put together in a new 8 vials set.
The set contains a 1.7ml vial of each of the following fragrances: Vanilla Vibes, Moscow Mule, Not a perfume, Sunny side up, MMMM…, Lady Vengeance, Another Oud, Anyway.



Juliette Has a Gun

‘La beauté est la seule vengeance des femmes.’ This quote by Gainsbourg, which loosely translate to: ‘Beauty is the best revenge a woman can get’, is the perfect embodiment of Juliette has a Gun. The brand made its debut in 2006 at Colette in Paris and is known to be as petulant and accomplished as the French singer. The creator of Juliette has a Gun is Romano Ricci, the great-grandson of legendary couturier Nina Ricci, and grandchild of Robert Ricci, the creator of the legendary perfume ‘L’air du Temps’. Despite his genes, Romano is a self- made man, who made his first perfume together with Francis Kurkdjian, but works solo ever since. A few of his top-class fragrances are Lady Vengeance, MMM…, Not a Perfume, Mad Madame and Moscow Mule. Juliette has a Gun also has a luxury collection, consisting of 6 fragrances which include Oil Fiction and Liquid Illusion.

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