Contes de Parfums Shangai

Contes de Parfums Shangai

By Contes de Parfums

Notes: Ambroxan, Chinese Pivoine eau de coco, Citron, Feuille de thé, Jasmin, Nashi Pepper, Sinfonida, Vetiver

Categories: Eau de Parfum, Gender-Free


Perfumer-Nicholas Beaulieu

For Nicholas Beaulieu, Shanghai holds a special place in his memory, as it is where he began his training as a perfumer. This creation represents the union of modernity and tradition characteristic of the city. The fragrance opens with a burst of juicy PEAR NASHI, a symbol of Chinese tradition and Asian culture. In its most floral part, CHINA PEPPER stands out, bringing colour and freshness, while in the background, a soft AMBER lingers and gives the fragrance great strength.


Contes de Parfums

Contes de Parfums is a very unique, luxurious brand of individual fine fragrances. Each fragrance with a very personal and emotive story behind its existence. A very captivating story, portraying a specific moment in life. Despite being personal, the exceptional perfumers behind these stories decided that they would now like to share this intimate moment directly with you… but a story not told by words. These highly gifted artists will relate their incredible private moments using the richly descriptive and exquisitely sensory language of perfume.

The project was born out of the need to create a unique platform where perfumers, often in anonymity, can express first-hand experiences through their olfactory talent, turning their creations into authentic works of art, including their signature.

“The perfume has been imagined, composed and signed in full freedom by the perfumer, who has combined different ingredients to build it.

Without a doubt, this act of composition is an art, a product created by the human being, an act of craftsmanship, originality, communication and aesthetics, through a trade with many centuries of history»

Ramón Monegal

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