Par Les Parfums De Marly

Notes: Citrus, Patchouli, White Musk

Catégories: Eau de Parfum


Fragrance douce et sensuelle, Darcy mêle notes d’agrumes pétillantes et notes florales sucrées lovées dans un musc blanc ouaté et délicat.

En fond, le patchouli vient lui apporter de la profondeur et un sillage capiteux.

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Les Parfums De Marly

Parfums de Marly combine les deux passions du roi de France Louis XV: le parfum et les chevaux de race. La marque baigne dans l’atmosphère du 18e siècle, selon le créateur Julien Sprecher, l’époque du parfum par excellence. Il s’est investi à créer une série de parfums dans le style de la cour de Louis XV. Les races de chevaux du flamboyant roi ont été l’autre source d’inspiration. Chaque parfum réfère à une race de chevaux et en reçoit le nom. Ses créations fort intéressantes s’appellent Percival, Safanad, Godolphin, Delina, Sedbury et Carlyle.

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The picture was taken in 1973 but it may as well have been yesterday. Taken by photographer Roger Steffens, the quintessential embodiment of California's hippie culture, the picture depicts giant sequoias that are probably found in Mendocino where he spent a lot of time.

"Woody Mood" from Olfactive Studio features strong tones that echo the immensity of the giant sequoias with bright notes of bergamot and ginger leading the way, followed by an accord of sequoia, black tea, incense, and Jatamansi (Himalayan spikenard) and then settling with final enchanting notes of styrax, leather, and patchouli.
Perfumer : Bertrand Duchaufour

Video animation: Arendsoog @_arendsoog 

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he Interlude Collection represents that moment of internal harmony and self-reflection, in a world of external chaos.

Photo by: @muayad

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The Interlude Trilogy is an iconic collection debuted with Interlude Man, a rich amber woody fragrance that has become Amouage’s global bestseller. 
Interlude Black Iris followed, a bold and smooth take on its predecessor. 
The trio was completed with Interlude 53, a sublime extract that is formulated at a generous 53% dosage.

Photo by: @muayad
The Interlude Trio - Interlude Man, Interlude 53, and Interlude Black Iris.

Photo by @mua4yad
Goldfield & Banks' Velvet Splendour is like holding a large bunch of sunburnt wildflowers in both arms and pressing one’s face gently into it. 
An impressionist’s painting of a long drive through the open, breezy and cloudless countryside.
The mimosa (wattle) tree bursting into bloom, marking the first sign of spring in Australia. Soft yellows are shaded against blue skies. The first inhale is an immediate mix of green stems, yellow blooms, cool air and warm light. Bold, sensual and glamorous.

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