AMOUAGE - Epic Woman Body Lotion 300ml

AMOUAGE - Epic Woman Body Lotion 300ml

Par Amouage

Catégories: Crème pour le corps, Femmes


Ce parfum oriental floral épicé raconte la légende éternelle de l’ancienne route de la soie de la Chine à l’Arabie. La lotion pour le corps, contient de la glycérine, du beurre de karité, de huile d’amande, de l’aloe vera, du silicone et un agent protecteur.

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Amouage est né d’une initiative de Qaboos Bin Sais, Sultan d’Oman qui, en 1983, donna l’ordre de lancer une marque qui respecterait, surveillerait et ferait durer la tradition du parfum d’Oman. Amouage, en arabe, signifie ‘golfe’ et la référence fortuite possible à Amour a décidé du choix du nom par ses fondateurs. Le flamboyant Christopher Chong, ancien chanteur d’opéra, en devint le directeur créatif. Tout dans Amouage, tant la forme des produits que les aromes, relève de la culture des états du Golfe. Raffinement et exclusivité. C’est ce qui en fit aussitôt un des parfums les plus chers du monde. Depuis lors, Amouage a lancé également une gamme de produits pour le bain, des bougies aromatiques et des sprays d’intérieur ainsi qu’une collection de produits en cuir, réalisés à Florence, entièrement faits main.

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Congratulations @olfactivestudio and @celineverleure 

Launched in September 2011 with three fragrances that have since then become bestsellers: Autoportrait, Chambre Noir and Still Life. 

A French independent brand, Olfactive Studio creates an artistic collaboration with talented photographers and perfumers (18 fragrances in total) to capture art in a bottle. 

Olfactive Studio has offered audacious perfumes which have seduces women and men all over the world and of course as well in the BENELUX!
From the inner self to the outside world, from the smallest to the largest, the composition of Olfactive Studio's "Close Up" revels in contrast and the oscillation between opposites.

Intense and contrasting, the amber tones combine with a freshness.

It has a full bodied character that blends seamlessly with anise and green coffee.

Zooming in even closer, each ingredient gains in intensity and distinctness.

Video animation @_arendsoog 

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Olfactive Studio's "Ombre Indigo" is a voluptuous and smokey fragrance; the scent of shadow.

Ombre Indigo is an enigmatic fragrance; its blend of woods and smoked resins reveals the radiant opulence of tuberose laced with saffron and melts into swirls of papyrus, incense and benzoin.

A bright, deep, beguiling and flamboyant sillage.

video animation @_arendsoog 

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Today we are going for an intimate and deep perfume. 
Olfactive Studio's Autoportrait is a fragrance you wear for yourself, resonating with your own personal harmony. 
Relax - it is Sunday! 

The soul of woody notes laid bare. 
A soothing dose of nature and enveloping resin. Breathtaking in the deliberate unveiling of its many facets, the essence of Autoportrait is truly revealed in its sillage... absolutely addictive!

Perfumer: Natalie Lorson

Video animation: @[17841406957412976:@_arendsoog] 

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The picture was taken in 1973 but it may as well have been yesterday. Taken by photographer Roger Steffens, the quintessential embodiment of California's hippie culture, the picture depicts giant sequoias that are probably found in Mendocino where he spent a lot of time.

"Woody Mood" from Olfactive Studio features strong tones that echo the immensity of the giant sequoias with bright notes of bergamot and ginger leading the way, followed by an accord of sequoia, black tea, incense, and Jatamansi (Himalayan spikenard) and then settling with final enchanting notes of styrax, leather, and patchouli.
Perfumer : Bertrand Duchaufour

Video animation: Arendsoog @_arendsoog 

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he Interlude Collection represents that moment of internal harmony and self-reflection, in a world of external chaos.

Photo by: @muayad

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